Sunday, September 20, 2015

Kin-nections in the Genealogy World

This blog is for and about my family so I debated whether to include my adventures in this format. As I thought more about that, I decided that this post really would conform to scope of my blog. So here goes.

This month, I participated in a new opportunity for professional genealogists. GenStock, a genealogical retreat, was created by Billie Fogarty and Matt McCormack to promote a dialogue within the professional genealogy world without the distractions of a conference or repository. Yes, genealogists love a good repository and tend to focus on records and not necessarily on conversation. Conversations tend to occur late in the day and are not particularly focused.

On September 10, about twenty professional genealogists from across the country and Canada gathered in Herron, Michigan. Matt’s efforts in preparing his farm and ensuring a truly magical experience complete with magnificent fall weather were outstanding. Billie’s ability to facilitate a fluid experience was superb. Great thoughts, ideas and friendships were formed. It was an experience none of us will ever forget! Communication within the genealogical community has been forever changed and the responsibility lies with us.

So how does this connected to my family?

First, I arrived at this retreat knowing several of the attendees but not all of them. By the end of the weekend, we had become more than a group of genealogists; we were a family. We laughed. We cried. We worked through difficult scenarios. In the end, we want what is best for the larger community and feel a responsibility for that community.

Second, through DNA testing, I have discovered that some of my friends in the genealogical world (not necessarily in attendance) actually are family! We are still working on finding the connections but we are related! How cool is that!

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  1. I had to smile when I read your blog. Matt and I went to Dexter High together. I was a Johnny come lately, most of the class of 86' did all 4 yrs together. I never really felt I was from anywhere as neither parent knew anything beyond their parents history and we had moved around a lot as a family. Yrs later it turns out my family has a direct connection to Dexter and thru some conversations with Matt we're actually related thru the Bloomer line out of SW Ohio. Small world indeed!