Sunday, June 7, 2015

Anna M. Moore

 Holy Water Font
Entrance to the Church of the Sacred Heart
Trenton, New Jersey

In Memory of Anna M. Moore

The holy water font at the entrance of the Church of the Sacred Heart is dedicated to the 22 year old daughter of Edward Moore, Jr. and Annie M. Fay. On 15 August 1926, Anna died of tuberculosis at home (DC). She was the fourth child to predecease her parents. Three infant children died before her and two of her sisters died shortly after her, one from tuberculosis and one from complications of childbirth (DC).

In Memory of Anna M. Moore
While compiling family information for the archives of the Church of Sacred Heart, six generations of the Moore family have been identified as having been active and receiving sacraments at this church, including baptism, marriage and holy orders. Funerals for many loved ones have been held here as well.

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